Social genius managing clients and projects with a bit of frontend coding on the side.


Extremely skilled developer and a master of interpreting and meeting our clients needs. We’re glad he’s back from San Diego.


His great development skills and extreme focus produces epic code.


A young and fast learning developer with great social skills and a slight jacket mania.


UX, Ix and Graphics designer. Contributes to the code department with frontend development. Loves potatoes.


A human dynamo that masters UX, Interaction and Graphics design.

About us

As the name implies,
we're into code and design

We are a tightly-knit team of perfectionists, delivering complete UX solutions. We promise that you as a client will be satisfied and feel part of our family.

The team consists of two designers and three developers. All of us are experienced, dedicated, and have a passion for our craft.

With our long experience and broad competence we can manage anything from technical strategy guidance or User Experience (UX) consulting to entire software development projects, all the way from concept and UX to securing a stable environment for the final product.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the mobile industry, this is our main focus area, but we love all types of technology and take on any project involving code and/or design. For more info feel free to contact us at any time!

Emilie Hallgard, Design

Samuel Sjöblom, Design

Karl Söderström, Code

Max Ehle, Code

Oskar Håkansson, Code

Moa Winberg, Code

Design consulting

Design consulting

In addition to creating UX solution to our app and software projects the design department offers design consulting services.

As a design consultants we can contribute with UI optimizations, concept design, asset creation or any other challenges realted to the user experience of your digital app or service.

An example:

Many years ago a digital tool/website/etc was developed. Since then functions have been added, layout have been adjusted to fit new situations while old unused functions are still taking up space in the interface.

What we do:

  • Go through current situation
  • Clarify main functions scenarios and problems
  • Clean up UI and optimize it for current scenarios
  • Deliver new concept or full interaction flow, ready for development
  • Deliver new graphic style and assets according to agreement
  • Support developers with design and style issues according to agreement


We have done design consulting for Verisure, Huawei Technologies, VA Syd, Link Mobility, Mionix, Racezoo, Infab Vitamin and more.

Graphic design & illustration

Graphic design & illustration

Logo / Illustration / Animation

Whether you need a new logo, update you graphic profile, illustrations for your website or inforamtional animation, we can help you!


We have done illustrations, logos and animations for Poow Applications, Piide, Link Mobility, Pii Education, Actimate, Nordic Lighthouse, Rooftop Translations and more.

design and illustration


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If you need any work done we'd love to hear from you!

We are located in Malmö, Sweden. You can find our contact information below, so just drop us a mail, give us a call, or why not drop by for a nice cup of coffee?

Our office is not only a working space, but also a place for us to explore new solutions by embedding technology into the environment, and how this can help with daily tasks.

We have a tendency to forget to head out for lunch in time, so this was solved by integrating technology into the office. How did we do it? Well, we won't tell you here. You'll have to drop by to find out, but let's just say that it involves clouds.