Navigare Yachting

The Task

Navigare Yacthing rents yachtes to holiday craving people in nine different locations around the world. However, the process of checking out the rented yacht was tedious and slow in many of the locations. There was a lot of manual registration work that neede to be done, and the result was that travellers had to wait in line for a long time before even getting close to boarding the yacht.

In time for the 2018 yacht season we launched an app that let the customer fill in the crew list for the yacht and send it in to the registration office. The customer then receives an estimated time for when the yacht might be ready for pick up, and then a final notificaiton when the yacht is ready, with information about the location and the person meeting them by the boat.

Nav phone

Project Setup

The project started with a design workshop, someting we often recoomend to our new customers. It starts off with a half day workshop where the client explains the project and what he wants. Then we ask a lot of questions and try to pin down the task. After that our designers deliver a rough design consisting of interaction flow, suggestion for visual style and most often a design prototype. We also give a time and cost estimate for complete design and development.

This type of workshop has a fixed price, and when we have delivered the rough design and estimate for further design and development our client can decide whether to proceed with the project, take it elsewhere or terminate it.


Design and Prototype

The design prototype is a fantastic tool since it allows our clients to really feel and see the planned result. It can contain rather advanced motion design and visualize the different scenarios handled in the app.

The prototype can also be used for a first user testing and is often used for presentations and to for example give investors a good feel of what they are investing in.